When you cut through all the noise, we perceive differences in others, whether conscious or not.  These perceived differences run the gamut of human imagination.  In other words, the possible subjects upon which one could discriminate and make negative value judgements are innumerable.

So why has our culture picked out only discreet categories, like race or gender or sexual predisposition, to be staged as more significant discriminations than all others?  The answer is because our culture is artificial, in that its values are based on man-made systems that have diverged from the natural order.

In a free society, as we were put here on earth, everyone has the right to offend.  Everyone also has the right to be offended.  We even have the right to fight about it, sort it out peacefully, or sort it out separately.  And since the dawn of man, each local culture has maintained its own reliable protocol of social engagement and conflict resolution.

To be clear, you do not have the right to offend without consequences.  In fact, you don’t have the right to do anything without natural consequences, particularly from others.  This intrinsic principle is why most people at least try and fake being nice.  Earning credibility from one’s community is a marked advantage in life.

Today, in a melting pot society, we have allowed a massive centralized puppet government to label the largest voting blocks based on appearances (what we’re supposed to be blind to) or lifestyle choices.  They win these votes, not by addressing the inherently oppressive man-made system itself, but by stoking the voting blocks to emotionally demonize each other.  Thus, the voters fight each other and never unite to threaten the powerful few that are engulfing the last free 50 constitutional republics under their centralized rule.

Since these voting blocks are competing with each other to get a piece of the public treasury to exist and assert influence, they’ll never bite the hand that feeds them in this system, even if that’s exactly who the real enemy is.

Discrimination as it is purely defined, before government got involved, is “the recognition and understanding of the difference between one thing and another.”  Not only is this a completely natural method for time-sensitive decision-making, it is the only one we’ve got.

There is no way to know what is in someone else’s mind.  As with all inductive knowledge, such as that the sun will rise tomorrow, we have no proof other than the pattern we’ve come to expect from past results.  If we have no past results to evaluate, then a man will understandably shirk when confronting an uncomfortable or unfamiliar culture, and offensively or not, will trust strangers reluctantly.

We each live according to our own personal risk curve that was fashioned over years of intimately personal experiences in a unique conditioning environment.  There is no ‘one right way’ to address the basic phenomenon of people mistreating each other based on perceived differences, whether conscious or not, across 3.8 million square miles, across all cultures.  The notion of one grand central law, or one culture, or one “politically correct” way to think for everyone is silly.

It is the natural order to exist many different cultures, many different people groups, and they are each uniquely, actively self-governing and evolving.  Variety strengthens the global community of life.  We don’t all have to be the same, or even like each other, to be at peace; or especially to unite against a common enemy.

It is incumbent upon our individual development, not our government, to recognize that the inferences we make about people based on their appearances are often wrong, and that they are invoked from our own insecure mental projections anyway.  We make assumptions and value judgements all day every day naturally, but it is true that we miss out and only hurt ourselves when we’re wrong.  Learning to empathize and withhold our unfounded biases are also marked advantages in life.

We either govern ourselves freely [handle our differences] as grown adults, or we look to our “superiors” far away who already have us in a vast sea-to-sea carnival that only accepts IOU tickets with presidents’ faces, and they will exact the 1 billionth page of law…profit from every penny we borrow to think about it…and add it all to our debt…plus interest.

P.S.  In a free society, as we were put here on earth, everyone also has the right to immigrate around independently.  You do not, however, have the right to encounter new cultures without consequences, nor do you have the right to immigrate on someone else’s dime.